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For Those Listening To Luxury Rap Music In Coach Class Seats…

This past Sunday evening could have been likened to Christmas Eve for rap music fans. For months, the highly anticipated collaborative album from Jay-Z and Kanye West was largely shrouded in secrecy (possibly becoming the first album not to leak on the internet prior to it’s release date since the invention of Napster) A little before the stroke of midnight, the internet hype was on a million…and if we base it solely on the exorbitance of the lyrical content, Watch The Throne lives up to the expectations. It’s a grandiose tribute to the lifestyle that Shawn Corey Carter and Kanye Omari West have become accustomed to; complete with $1000 bottles of champagne, $30,000 Rolex time pieces, and luxurious overseas excursions on private jets. By all accounts…they’re living a life free of the worries average Americans are facing due to the instability of their finances.

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Make A Statement. It’s ALWAYS In Fashion.

I’ve been home from New York for a week, and the excitement has yet to wear off. The hustle and bustle of The City forces you to put a little pep in your step, and something in the spirit of the city awakens you. When you’re in New York City, anything can happen, and any dream is achievable.

Or, at least, that’s the feeling you get when you’re there.

The truth of the matter is, there are plenty of people chasing dreams and hitting glass ceilings everyday in New York…especially if they are black, and in the business of fashion. Yeah, I said it. The numbers don’t lie. From the runway to the boardroom, color is significantly absent in the world of apparel and accessories, with no rhyme or reason. Some things just are the way they are, because, they are…and no one has had enough gumption to do anything to change it. Continue reading Make A Statement. It’s ALWAYS In Fashion.