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Handle Your Business

My productivity was at an all time low today. I’d probably cite the rainy weather as an excuse for the minimal amount of work that got accomplished today! Needless to say, I was in dire need of a shot of inspiration.

Normally when I hit the writer’s block wall, I go read something. Today I found my inspiration in the form of a video that I had already seen. One thing I’m learning about running a blog, and developing my business, is that the only thing that will block you from your greatness is a self-imposed obstacle. Anything that’s stopping you from achieving your goal is rooted in something that you can stop yourself.

The following mini-documentary on Brian-Michael Cox was produced by The Cashflow… a non-profit program sponsored by the organization 100 Urban Entrepreneurs. Take a few moments to watch it below.

There’s something about hearing someone else’s story that reminds you that the things you want are attainable. Continue reading Handle Your Business